Why are pet-proof window treatments important for my interiors?

In the UK, April is National Pet Month, promoting responsible pet ownership across all species and breeds, and at AE Shutters we want to do our part.

Welcoming a new pet into the family home can be an incredibly exciting time, but as with every new addition there are usually changes to be made to best accommodate them. There are a number of things that you can do to pet-proof your home which, with a bit of thought, will stop them becoming stressed, and should limit the amount of destructive power your new pet could potentially unleash!

Why do I need to protect my home from my pets?
How can my home be affected by pets?
How could my home harm my pets?
How do you prepare your home for a cat or dog?
What’s best for your pets?
From changing your furniture and limiting the number of cables through to fitting cat flaps or upgrading to pet proof window treatments, there is a lot you can do in your home to make it a safer place to live (and not just for the humans!)

Why do I need to protect my home from my pets?

Protecting your home is not just for your benefit, but for your pets as well. Making a few changes in your home will help your pets stay safer and stress-free. Parents who have had to baby-proof their home will understand the importance of investing in the protection from your pet.

Vet bills can be expensive, so it’s better to think ahead and limit the chance of unnecessary costs around the home. Simple additions to your interiors can limit the chances of your pets getting trapped, tripped, shocked or scorched, helping put your mind at rest.

Choosing a pet-friendly interior design can also keep your belongings looking better for longer. They will find it harder to express destructive tendencies if furniture is harder to chew, belongings are kept out of the way, valuables protected, and sturdier window coverings installed.

Even if you have a smaller animal, or even fish, it’s important to keep your space as pet-friendly as possible. Pets usually kept in cages can still cause chaos when they’re let out or exercised, so prepare in advance so you don’t end up having to pay out later.