The privacy benefits of café style shutters for home or business

Café style shutters are the best choice for homes in busy towns! If your home is overlooked by another property, or close to a pavement, then the privacy of your home will be paramount. Picking the right window covering means you will be able to stop nosey neighbours or pedestrians from seeing into your rooms.

Popular for bay windows, café style shutters make your home private, while letting in the light. Scientists at Harvard University’s School of Engineering recently started research into windows that can turn opaque. Although a novel way of maintaining home privacy, it will notably reduce the light which can filter into a property.

There are many benefits of shutters to bear in mind

It is often said that home is where the heart is, and so it is only natural to want to feel as safe and secure in your home as you can. It is therefore important to maintain privacy, while keeping your rooms as light as possible. This is particularly important for properties that are adjacent to pavements or roadsides.

Listed as one of the “Top 10 Privacy Enhancing Window Treatments” by Houzz, café style shutters cover rooms at eye level, providing privacy, while the top half remains free for natural light to enter. The flexibility of louvres means that shutters are the most effective bay window treatments, keeping your privacy for even the most prominent parts of your home.

Pedestrians can often be tempted to look through any window as they pass, so the privacy provided is just another of the benefits of shutters. At S:CRAFT, shutters are made-to-measure to your requirements, and so different louvre sizes can be included. The smaller the louvres, the more privacy you achieve, while the larger the louvres you choose, the more light you allow into the room.